We care and equip comprehensively

New roofing covers must be equipped with high quality verified roofing accessories. Its choice and applying determines the proper functioning of roof in the future. The elements offered by us provide elastic finish and most importantly protect, insulate and provide proper ventilation.

Verified quality

We have years of experience in chooisng the best accessories to finish and preserve roofs. That is why we offer only the products which really guarantee leak tightness and protcetion from variable atmospheric factors, different damage and at the same time they are durable and compatible with wide variety of roofing cover.

Huge possibilities

In our offer of roofing accessories there are outer windowsill plugs, touch-up marker, polycarbonate panels, trapezoidal sheets, ridge and bituminous tape, ventilation fireplaces, the roofing communication, membranes, screws, seals and snow protection screens. We offer everything that is necessary to build a new, durable roof.

Ventilation fireplaces

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Ridge and bituminous tapes

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Trapezoidal transparent panels

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Polycarbonate panels

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Windowsill plugs

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Touch-up markers

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The roofing communiaction

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Snow protection screens

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Roof Windows

A good view on tried-and-trusted windows!

Roof windows are an investition for many years and that's why they must meet all the expected requirements. Their increasing popularity in architecture is caused by their functionality and among the most important advantages of mounting them in the roof sheating some should be mentioned: lighting up the interior, sight, fresh air inlet. Well chosen window provides comfort for the locators.

Functionality and convenience

Currently produced windows are of great quality which directly increases comfort of using them. We offer traditional pivot windows but also high pivot ones or top hung and pivot windows. Their common feature is guarantee of comfort and durability of materials.

Secure window to the world

Durability, energy efficiency, functionality are definitely some very important characteristics of roof windows offered by us. No less important is the safety connected with them. It should also be remembered that a good window should feature verified anti-burglar characteristics. Only then it can be named a highest quality product which are the ones we offer our clients.


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Gutter system for more demanding user

Our gutter offer was prepared in such way that everyone can choose any producs of high quality of material and realization. Our gutter systems include all the necessary elements: drain pipes, inside and outside corners, nodes and clamping rings, settlement tank reductions, connectors and bottoms etc.

Guaranteed priorities

Well produced gutters guarantee functionality for many years as well as corrosion and atmospheric factors resistance. They must indicate effective draining of rainwater from the roof and preventing from accumulation of excess. The offered gutters meet these expectations and furthermore they are available in many colours thanks to which they aesthetically complement the design of cover or elevation of the building.

Gutter system Bryza

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Metal gutter systems Hanbud

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Sandwich panels

A new dimension in building

Sandwich panels rightly get a lot of appreciation of customers. Newest technology used in the process of production allows for many safe applications. Aas wall and roof constructions, sandwich panels perfectly fit in family and industrial architecture. They are used i.a. In magazine halls, swimming pools, service buildings including those dedicated to food industry of higher requirements of maintaining hygiene.

Mural and roof plates

They can successfully be mounted everywhere where the deciding features are quick assembly and economy. They work out as roofs even in places where variable climatic conditions and high pollution occure. They are mounted as suspended ceilings which works out perfectly in large sized objects. Sandwich panels are also used to build exterior or interior walls.

Economic thermal insulation

Sandwich panels feature good price in relation to properties they offer. The economical advantage of using them includes quick and easy assembly, reasonable price for products which work out as insulation. The difference between various sandwich panels is in the used core. PU is a panel made of ridgid polyurethane foam which protects from heat loss. EPS from expanded styrofoam is the lightest material, whereas MW mineral wool panel has high fire resistance.

Mural sandwich panels

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Roof sandwich panels

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