The Hanbud's activity is all based on the rules of sustainable development politics assuming conscious and well formed relations between economic growth, care of natural environment and human's health. The goal of our our enterprise is earning money, however, we know that the firm's actions influence not only business sphere but also various aspects of social life. We are aware of our influence on the environment and we think that we should use our potential not only for goals connected directly with everyday activities of our firm.

CSR in Hanbud company

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is all the voluntary actions which go beyond law requirements and bring benefit to stakeholders and the firm's surroundings. Undertaking socially responsible actions requires consciousness of long-term nature of them. They should bring benefits or at least not bring any harm to future generations.

The concept of sustainable development can be a way to manage an enterprise and bring specific benefits:

  • social and environmental aspects can become an element of advantage
  • over competition which can be created;
  • give a chance to lower the cost of capital by increasing interest
  • of ethical investors of the firm;
  • become a tool of managing the social and environmental risk and contribute
  • to stabilization of unforseen costs;
  • help optimize the processes and hence the costs;
  • positively influence the image of the firm.

In terms of CSR there was created a raport of social responsibility of Hanbud company – the CRS Raport – it is an expression of the firm heading towards transparent actions. The raport should be meeting the obligations to the stakeholders, explaining them actions and decissions for which the firm takes responsibility. We strongly hope these raports are going to become a hard standard of Hanbud.

Natural environment

Hanbud is aware of the influence of the actions undertaken for the natural environment. By realizing the processes targeted at perfecting the methods of preventing negative influence on the environment we try to operate in a manner which is peaceful to the environment.

Our company received a certifivate confirming optimization of paper use, water, electric energy and CO2 emission in terms of which we use the internet tool CO2 Calculator.

Relations with personel

Hanbud takes care of the best possible relations with its workers in terms of which the documents were created:

  • „Individual paths of development in Hanbud company” is a document and at the same time a tool created to introduce a plan of development of Hanbud workers. It is realized by the chiefs and the workers interested in their own career.
  • „Internal communication standards in Hanbud company” is a documentwhichh describes aims and effective internal communication channel. Thanks to it we can develope commmuniaction efficiency in Hanbud company.
  • Raport of internal mapping of the organization – a map of organization was made thanks to which the communication structure of Hanbud was pictured. It makes communication between the workers and chiefs of our enterprise easier. It is a tool thanks to which every employee will be able to express his/her opinion on particular case relevant to functioning of the firm.

Relations with external stakeholders:

  • „External stakeholders service standards in Hanbud company” is a tool which came into being to make our services more effective and enhance quality, improve communication between customer and worker and simplify the work of the staff.
  • CRM system was introduced and it is a system which is all about efficient management, customer service and internal communiaction in logistics department and customer service in our company.
  • Office space is suitable for customers with physical disability.


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