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The Hanbud company came to be at the beginning of the '90s and at first operated only as a distributor of building materials.


We started our production activity 14 years later from T-18 trapezoidal sheet. Since then we gradually enriched our offer by introducing new technological lines to the production of roofing sheets, roof panels with standing seam and trapezoidal sheets and we became a leading producer of steel products.


This year allowed for further development of the company in the field of roof and cladding coatings. We introduced to our offer the T-18 Eco trapezoidal sheet and Active metal boarding. Our machinery park was equipped with proffesional benders and guillotines for sheet-metal work.


The Steel Service Center which provides comprehensive service in prefabrication of cold-rolled steel runs since this year. We also boot up a professional line for winding, shrink-wrapping and longitudinal and transversal cutting of sheets. Yet another type of T-55 trapezoidal sheet joined our offer. The increasing market demand in the segment of advertisment carrier media induced our company to set up our own, fully automated production of advertisment billboards. You can familiarize yourself with their offer at www.billboardy-producent.pl.


Another important step in the development of our company was the opening a sales department of in Białystok. In later years the Nord steel roof tile, T-7 and T-14 trapezoidal sheets and a new model of Sigma metal picket were introduced. We also set off a line to cut out and punch out sheet-metal.

In the Hanbud company structure we extracted a special department which deals with selling sheets from overproduction and of second quality. For this reason a special application was created, which the clients can use through the www.tanie-blachy.pl website.

About company


Following the clients' needs and the development of the market we started producing the Moderno steel roof tile. In the same year we signed an advertisment contract with one of the most talented polish football players – Tomasz Frankowski.

In realisation of our development strategy helps the constant will to expand the production offer, in current year it was erniched with Z and C metal sections, UD27 and CD60 dry building profiles and modern louver fencing.

In our company we always try to use the highest quality steel for production so we introduced the HardMat coating to our catalog which has a 30 year warranty.


In the Białystok department we lauched the first production line of T-18 Eko trapezoidal sheet. Thanks to that we can complete orders much faster which reach the neighbourhood clients as fast as 3 days.

A novelty in our assortment is the louver fencing for self-assembly and new designs of Astra and Vigo metal picket.

At the moment the production offer in the segment of roof coatings consists of trapezoidal sheets (T-3, T-7, T-8, T-14, T-18, T-18 Eko, T-35, T-55), modular steel roof tile (Moderno), roof tiles (Vena, Nord, Malta) and roof panels with standing seam (PH310, PH510).

Our company's product are also metal pickets (Standard, Emka, Estetic, Sigma, Astra and Vigo) being an alternative to the traditional wooden pickets, and modern louver fencing.

In our commercial offer there is also guttering, Fakro windows, roof accessories and sandwich panels.

The dynamically changing market conditions are the cause of constant development of our company and the need to introduce new products. The idea behind our business is making our assortment meet the clients' needs. All the products ordered in our company are delivered to the client at no extra cost.

Headquarters of the company

ul. Brańska 153

17-100 Bielsk Podlaski

Department in Białystok

Kuriany 114

(przedłużenie Zabłudowskiej)

15-588 Kuriany

Tołcze outlet

ZAPROM Tołcze 3D

18-106 Turośń Kościelna